Melton Little - Candidate for Manatee County Commission District 4
It's time to play hardball and fight for what's right for South County.

What makes a candidate qualified for the job of County Commissioner?

When you look at the candidates running for County Commission District 4, what criteria do you use to determine which candidate is the most qualified for the job?

Real world experience builds a strong leader.
It is essential that a candidate has a history of being a longtime community memeber who has been actively involved in volunteerism, board work, committees, social services, foundations, chambers, business and developing initiatives that continuously make a positive difference in the quality of life for the citizens of Manatee County.

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"Take a look at my background, local involvement, accomplishments and skills and you will see why I am right for the job."
Featured Endorsements
  • Willie Cooper
    Manatee County Resident
  • Our Manatee
    Community Group
  • Black Block Vote
    Community Group
  • Carl Weeks
    Former CEO of the Manatee County Boys and Girls Club
  • Ken Christy
    Local Business Owner
  • George Harris
    Former Manatee County Commissioner District 4 and current Fire Commissioner West Bradenton Fire Department
  • Robert "Pig" Goff
    Football Coach
  • Cheryl Jozsa
    Community Activist and the catalyst for change at the Bayshore High site
  • Karen Carpenter
    Former District 4 home owner and Manatee School Board Member.

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